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2 February
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Dawn Rose (and her older sister Eve Lily) Chandler has managed to keep her origins and her youth secret for many years, and she prefers it that way. Her world started expanding when she was not yet in school and her older sister started moonlighting as a security officer and bodyguard to female clients in delicate positions to pay the way for both of them. As many younger siblings, she paid a lot of attention to her older sister even when she didn't seem to - naturally, Eve Lily tried to protect and shield her from some of what was going on, and, as naturally, Dawn Rose found her own ways to find out. Good thing, too, because that's the best way to be able to back her play up, when necessary.

Eve Lily has since become quite the skilled mercenary and the go-to operative on the east coast if you need a lady spy proficient in both mental and physical combat, her baby sister Dawn Rose is one of the foremost experts at data mining (one thing led to another...). Eve Lily and Dawn Rose have come to conflict several times over Dawn's Rose's involvement in Eve's Lily's kind of business; above all, Eve Lily wants her baby sister not to lead the kind of uncertain life that she does. Dawn Rose, however, insists on following in the older woman's footsteps at least in principle if not in profession.

As a solo operative Eve Lily was primarily in and out of small countries, playing point-woman and occasionally acting as a liaison officer for smaller forces who did not have a specialist of her own. After a few years, however, this proved to be more excitement than she wanted to handle, especially when she had to wrangle her sister at the same time. She moved back to the States to provide an at least somewhat better example, taking various jobs to cover for her latest position as an information broker and occasional hired gun.

Dawn Rose ... isn't quite that sort of proficient as a personal operative. She's almost as good with languages, although her focus is less on the spoken and expanding a little into coding ones. She is very good at conceptualizing models of... things - events, structures data structures, what have you - and then using that to fill in the missing pieces and make work with that information easier for those who need it. The two sisters do end up working extremely well as a team. Most of the time. Even still, Dawn Rose has fits of... thrill-seeking irresponsibility, less so by directly if deftly provoking things professionally, as Eve Lily does, and more just getting into situations that are more than she (or anyone, really) can handle. Live dangerously. (For all they seem so, those episodes are not really frequent - just very very memorable.)

When she knows she is on her own, Dawn Rose can and does take care of herself. It's just that... it's more fun, letting her hair down, so to speak, now and again.

This is the journal of a fictional character. Dawn/Rose is a character created jointly with the writer of darkening_sky. She has no affiliation with the programs or films, or the creators of such, Human Target, Sneakers..., concepts of which have been used for her creation. All their property is their own, I'm only borrowing it. I have no association with Tayane Leão Melo, the face who represents Dawn/Rose. Muse and mun over 18.